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Friday, September 26, 2008

Gathering Strength Coloured Pencil Artwork

"Gathering Strength" by Belinda Lindhardt CP on Stonehenge

Today i am highlighting my recently completed works Gathering Strength.
I think you could this one has probably been my major works for this year as it's taken me sooo long to complete.

55cm X 41cm in coloured pencil is a big piece, most of which was completed standing up on an easel and i think has really changed the way i do CP pieces. If your interested take a look at my blog for a some detailed shots of the work.

On other CP news lots of things have been happening in the CP world. (Apologies again, i haven't been keeping up, major life change (at the ages of 32, which i find quite funny)along with moving house so my blogs have been slow trying to get sorted).

CPSA Blog - The Colored Pencil Society of America now has a blog ! They have lots of good information on what is happening on the Orphan Works Issue as well as call for entries on their Exlpore This competition. Entries are open from Sep16 thru to Nov 15 2008.

Speaking of the CPSA membership renewals are now up so if you are thinking of joining or renewing now is the time to get in there.

UKCPS - Also to highlight is, the UK Coloured Pencil Society has some management changes and their previous blogmaster Bob Ebdon has stepped down from his role and Katherine Tyrell from Making A Mark has taken over the running of the UKCPS blog.
I have known Bob from his involvement in the ScribbleTalk forum and i am a regular reader of Katherine's numerous writings so while Bob will be missed Katherine will do a great job.
UKCPS also have some great info on their blog atm about colour comparison charts well worth a read.

Local News: I was recently excited to find Coloursoft pencils in open stock at Hornsby Artshop on the north side of Sydney. I hadnt visited this shop before, while they didnt have a huge supply of pencils they did carry Prismacolour, Coloursoft and Polychromos pencils. They also had a good range of papers i previously havent been able to get a hold of so might be worth a note to checkout some different artshops in your local area you never know what you might find.