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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Australian Coloured Pencils Group ?

So, i was over reading today's post on Making a Mark about Artists, Art Societies, Art Groups and Ning and i was wondering whether creating an online networking group about coloured pencils in australia would be something anyone here would be interested in?
It's essentially the idea i originally had for the Australian Coloured Pencils Blog, was for us all to get together and be able to talk maybe even create events etc one day. Somewhere we can support each other get to know each other a bit more and a way to connect :)

I am already a member of another networking group on Ning and i found it quite good.
If your interested have a read of Katherines post, anyone interested ? Post me a comment let me know what do you think ? Anyone ready to go the next step ?

Edit: Alright i did it... i havent added any content as yet :) its setup basically for the moment:

1 comment:

Philip Dean Gray said...

That sounds like a great idea,
I also belong to a couple of networks
on Ning, it would be good to have an
Australia colour pencils group.

Best regards, Phil