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Thursday, May 7, 2009

17th Annual CPSA International Exhibition

The CPSA has just announced its selected list of artists and artworks for its 17th Annual CPSA International Exhibition. For who have been selected on the list congratulations. Please visit the CPSA Blog for further information.

In local news, we have a bit of interesting activity on our auscoloured pencils ning network at: with quite a few new members joining recently and artists posting their work. Its fabulous to see and pleased to see our numbers growing. Its wonderful to see what others are doing, there is such a variety in subjects and techniques.

All the recent activity means i have some new websites and blogs to add to our list, and so i have added them to our sidebar. Please be sure to check them out.

Personally, i am beginning to prepare for a coloured pencil workshop in my local area of Central Coast NSW. The art society here as asked me to conduct a workshop in October. I am not sure too many member would be aware of coloured pencils as a medium used other than for sketching .. so i am really thinking about how to structure the workshop and prepare for the event.

Any tips or suggestions are welcomed.

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