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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ACP Artist - Artist Profile - Belinda Lindhardt

Name: Belinda Lindhardt
I am a self taught artist and I have been producing coloured pencil works for about 5 years now. My love of coloured pencils first started when i joined an online forum and saw a bunch of works by many of the famous overseas CP artists and it changed the way i looked at art forever. I was in awe of their talent and started working on the various tutorials and techniques they had offered online so generously and from there with lots of practice learnt many of the basic techniques i still use today.

In my CP artworks i am drawn to capturing stilllife, animals, florals and people. I used to work primarily with Prismacolor pencils but lately i have been incorporating both Polychromos and Coloursofts and have been loving it so my pieces these days are typically a combination of all three brands. I work with many different types of supports and recently been experimenting with Pastelboards. I was excited recently to find an Australian distributor of pastelboards and hoping to give that brand a go soon (so then i can frame without glass). In the past my pieces have been featured on drafting film, stonehenge white and blank colours as well as some watercolour papers. I find the subject will dictate as to which type of support i will use as well as final size, framing options etc. I love using complimentary colours and complimentary grisaille in my works. I can attribute that technique to following Arlene Steinberg's lessons and tutorials and these taught me a lot using complimentary colours for achieving rich colours.

I DO like to blend, I use brushes, makeup pads, cotton tips, solvents, my finger and sometimes the colourless blender. I recently have been using Neocolours II with a slightly damp brush underneath my pencil particularly for backgrounds. I generally like a really smooth feel with no bumps and ridges showing through i am trying desperately to kerb this obsession as its very time consuming but i generally "know" when an area is done. I generally always burnish most areas towards the end.

Here are some examples of Belinda's Work


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