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Friday, March 28, 2008

ACP Artist - Artist Profile - Richard Klekociuk

Name: Richard Klekociuk

Born in Hobart, in 1950, I developed a passion for drawing from my father.

I graduated from the Tasmanian School of Art in 1971 as an Art Teacher and worked in seven Government schools before retiring in December of 2005 to pursue a greater focus on my art.

During my time as a teacher I managed to practice my art where and when possible. As well as a producer of art, I am currently the Curator of the Mezzanine Gallery at Country Club Tasmania and conduct occasional art workshops.

I began exhibiting in 1976 with the Tasmanian Independent Artists’ Group.

Besides many solo exhibitions, I was a member of the former, Tasmanian Abstract and Contemporary Artists’ group (vice-President) and I have recently re-joined the Launceston Art Society, and am a member of the Burnie Coastal Art Group.

I have won several awards, the most noteworthy being the ABC Art Prize in 1970 and the ANZ Art Prize at the 1998 Royal Hobart Show.

Drawing, whether in pastel (oil and chalk) or pencil (greyscale and colour) has always been the mainstay of my visual expression. Over the past ten years I have focussed on coloured pencils, some with a chalky finish and others displaying wax-like qualities. I work on a variety of papers and pastel boards, preferring a coloured surface.

My artwork has always been about the Tasmanian landscape. My most recent work is a complex mix of Christian symbolism, shadows and macro studies, often from forest floors. Some pieces are direct social commentaries while others celebrate design in nature.

Over the past ten years I have also developed a keen interest in photography and in particular, digital art which is closely related to my work involving symbolism.

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