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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thankyou and Masterful Color by Arlene Steinberg

First of all, thankyou to all the artists who have agreed to be associated with this site I have put a link to all of your website on the right. We are starting to get a few names there which is fantastic!
Richard Klekociuk was kind enough to send me some images of his work so i will be doing an artist profile post on him in the next couple of days, stay tuned for that.

Today i was very excited to receive my copy of Arlene Steinberg's new book "Masterful Color".
I have known Arlene for a few years now via online forums etc, her work was one of the first ever coloured pencil pieces i have ever seen and inspired me to start working with cp, so i was so excited to receive her new book (i have been waiting on for a while). Arlene supplied me a couple of weeks ago with a breakdown of her book have a look at my blog post here if your interested.
It's not just your standard cp technique book, she taught me alot about complimentary colours and underpaintings in my pieces and she demonstrates this technique in her book. For the beginner she also has line drawings that you can trace or photocopy to get you started. I am yet to get stuck into it, but on first glance looks great. Not sure if it will come out in bookshops here but if it does definately work a flick through.

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